Norrby Wool Sweater - Natural white

749 kr 1 499 kr

Norrby Wool Sweater is a product that we at RÖJK are extremely proud of. It is the fruit of our work as a driving force in a Swedish project with the aim of taking advantage of all the Swedish wool that is currently being thrown or burned, as Sweden today does not have extensive handling of the wool. Norrby Wool Sweater, which is a great hand-knit sweater, is unisex and entirely made of unpainted, unbleached, organic and all-natural Swedish cross wool from Norrby outside Kungsör, for the least possible environmental impact.

- Handheld
- Organic and natural product
- Unbleached and unpainted Swedish wool
- Unisex sizes

Material: 100% organic Swedish wool
Sizes: Unisex XS-XL
Color: Unbleached / unpainted
Country of manufacture: Estonia

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