Organic Wool Wash 500 ml

99 kr 199 kr

Contents: nonionic surfactant 15-30%, anionic surfactant <5%, preservatives (benzisothiazolinone) <0,05%.

Our organic wool wash is exactly what you want when washing our wool garments. This concentrated liquid detergent is unscented, free from phosphates, whiteners and zeolites, is made in a climate-neutral factory in Vadstena in Sweden, and is completely biodegradable. Our Wool Wash can be used for handwashing and machine-washing alike, works best for wool and silk and one bottle will get you up to 20 washes. The bottle is entirely made from sugar cane and is therefore 100% fossil-free.

Dosage, machine size 4-5 kg:
Soft water, 25 ml
Medium hard water, 35 ml
Hard water, 50 ml
In Sweden, 80% of the population has soft water.

Content: nonionic surfactant 15-30%, anionic surfactant <5%, preservative (benzisothiazolinone) <0.05%.

Made in: Sweden

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